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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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crews, have been working throughout the night to clear down trees and get power turned back on for thousands of customers. find out what areas are still in the dark, and whether the morning commute will be affect. good morning i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. philadelphia delegation continues their trip to rome, is what on tap for today and what the delegation is expect to learn about the pope's visit in september katie. erika, we are catching a break here, this morning at least in advance of a new disturbance heading our way later today. it will be first of two that move into reenforce will cooler air for our region. a pattern change is in the works as a whole but for now again, quiet weather.
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at least for now we have some sunshine to enjoy then wet weather does emerge in the forecast. we will time that out coming up also, of course, talk about the cooler air on the way, guys, back to you for now. crews have been working throughout the night to restore power to the thousands still without it this morning. this is video from aston pennsylvania in delaware county. let's check the current numbers and let you know who is still without power. peco reporting 66,000 outages, atlantic city electric says more than 128,000 customers are still in the dark. pse&g is reporting 14,000 outages and del marva has 3500 people who are still without power. >> waking up without power is no doubt very frustrating. >> i can just imagine. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins with us how folks are managing without their power justin. >> reporter: ukee and erika they are just having to deal with it. you can hear sound of generators buzzing in this neighborhood whitman drive
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off of all the man road and you can see the problem what is causing the problem to be in the dark for a second day. lets get to you video. they are hearing in this neighborhood they could have lights and power as late as sunday hopefully by midday saturday. that is target time they are hoping for in this a area this is not great for homes and businesses, or drivers in this area, traffic lights are often down in some spots down too. these estimates are from ac electric, the provider for this area you will mention more than a hundred thousand people have been restored but about that number more or less or still awaiting to have their lights turn back on here. major issue out here is down trees, many of which are wrapped up in wires as well. a ac electric first must give clearance for these streets to be cut down for safety of the cutters around here and back here live, we will show you what we're talking about here. let's look at wires wrapped around branches of the tree. no word if this wire is live
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but crew cannot cut their way flaw unless they get permission to do so. we do know additional crews are coming in from new england, northern new jersey as well as ohio to assist. the hope is to have lights restored by late sunday. they are hoping to have mostly done by midday saturday. that is some days away and perhaps too many for people out here who want their life back as soon as possible. we are live, from washington township i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will get back to you thank you. boro hall will serve breakfast to those without power after tuesday's storms. delaware county remains in the state of emergency with 30,000 still, with no electricity after tuesday's fast moving weather. county leaders are having a tough time keeping up with a response. they say most of the power will not be restored, once again, until sometime on friday. more possible storms today. lets check with katie enjoyed the break yesterday. >> yes, yesterday was a
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beautiful day obviously. we are certainly looking ahead to pleasant weather here but we will take you back in time and talk about that severe weather. yesterday the national weather service did deploy a crew to gloucester county specifically in east greenwich where we actually ended up not with the tornado but ratter with a macro burst and to give you an idea what that really means significant wyndam age. very strong, down draft in the atmosphere. just two and a half miles wide. that is why people in this particular area, thought they were seeing a tornado roll through because of the kind of damage they saw. if you have tornado you have twisted trees twisted metal. it was more straight line wyndam age but wind speed of 85 miles an hour. that is no joke. for five to 20 minutes while they was moving through you will see significant impact from that. storm scan three is quiet. we are tracking a system later in the day that starts to bring in more cloud with time,
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certainly showers and thunderstorm and we are going to sit right on the edge of a thinner weather threat. we will talk about it throughout the morning but i wanted to get you out the door first and foremost with the current temperatures. it is still comfortable. seventy-two at philly international. cooler throughout the outlining suburbs. as day progresses you can expect to see cloud thicken with time and toward evening we will start to see wet weather firing up here, on the area radar. we will again start to track that, for you with time and in the meantime pleasant for now but wet weather emerged later on today erika back to you. now patco will operate on a normal schedule for this morning's rush. storms knocked out power on the high speed line halting service tuesday night until around noon yesterday. you will still face problems this morning with septa. we want to check right now with vittoria with the latest on that, good morning. >> good morning everyone. at least for right now patco
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and media elwyn line, they are scheduled to resume today so we are doing better out there but lets talk first about the majors and then we will get to all that in a second. looking at vine street expressway it is quiet because both side are quiet as a result of the construction between schuylkill and broad street. it doesn't matter if we're traveling westbound or eastbound we will have no way to get on by. good idea to maneuver through neighborhoods as well as using the vine at this point. that tend to wrap up at 5:00 o'clock or so. not too much longer. speaking of more construction, i-95 traveling southbound making your way between girard and the vine we have construction project which is narrowing the road down toward two lanes. we are used to that, however lets go down our mass transit checklist. patco has resume, media elwyn line as well as new jersey transit, ac rail line are both planning to resume today at some point but as of of right now they are still spent. new jersey buses are honoring
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ac rail and busing between ac and philadelphia. at least patco is looking good but media elwyn line and ac rail still suspended at this time. we will keep you updated. as soon as we know it is good to go we will let you know as well. now back to you in the desk. the delegation from philadelphia continues their trip to rome. they met with the mayor of rome and later this morning a news conference will be hell on the world meeting of families. it is another chance to interest tuesday philadelphia to the world. they will also talk about security plans for september. yesterday the delegation got the chance to meet pope francis him self. new this morning fire officials are investigating a a a fire overnight in bensalem. it happened at an apartment building in the 3300 block of rich lou road just before 2:00 this morning. no one was injury. also new this morning, a f-16 has crash in southern arizona desert. that plane went down around 11:00 o'clock our time.
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witnesses reported seeing a large fire in the area near douglass arizona gas lines there making it very difficult for fire cries to get close to the crash site. nearby air force base, officials say that the plane was part of the 162 wing of the national guard. a second prison employee is now charged in connection with the escape of two prisoners in upstate new york earlier this month. corrections officer gene palmer will be a rain later today. investigators say that palmer smuggled tools in the building inside frozen meat. they said those tools wound up in the hand of the prisoners and david sweat. the two convicts escaped june 6th, and they have not yet been capture. funeral services will be held for one of the nine victims of the south carolina church shooting last week. emmanuel ame church meanwhile held its first bible study since the shooting. more than 150 people pack the church's basement last night where dylann roof opened fire killing nine people. justice department officials
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have reportedly agreed that shooting satisfies a definition of the hate crime. federal public defenders have been appointed to represent roof. it was a first time boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev showed any remorse. yesterday during the the formal sentences victims made impact statements in the courtroom calling tsarnaev's acts cowardly and disgusting. quick bomber broke his silence after more than two years. he said quote i would now like to apologize to the victims, to the survivors immediately after the bombing for which i am guilty of. if there is any lingering doubt about that let there be no more. i did it with my brother. i learn about some of the victims throughout the trial more of these victims were given names more faces and they were good souls end quote. >> 4:39. happening today first responders who help in the amtrak tragedy rescue effort will be recognized. reading terminal merchant will
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host a breakfast for members of the philadelphia police and fire departments. merchants and city officials say that this breakfast is just one way to say thank you to the dozens of personnel that helped in that massive rescue effort. well done by everybody, at reading terminal. >> very nice. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning get ready to see the tall ships on the delaware river. we have a glimpse of one for the festival that kicks off today and there will be one are large yellow special guest in attendance. it is not big bird. maybe his cousin. >> that is as many as you are getting. as crews clean up from tuesday's storms we can see possibility for more storms today. katie has a check on your forecast whe
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happening today the tall ships philadelphia and camden festival kicks off. chopper three caught a glimpse of the tall ship making its way through delaware river
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front yesterday. during this festival the community can tour and ride on ships hailing from across the globe. joining the ship's event though for the four day a little jaunt, the world's largest rubber duck. 61 feet tall, that is the yellow friend ukee was just talking about. >> they bring in the bathtub too, that would be huge. rubber duckie. intersection of the 13th and locust will be looking more colorful have these days. workers painted rainbow flag crosswalks on the busy cross street. they became known as a symbol of the gay and lesbian community in the late 70's and come to symbolize the lgbt community at large. right now 4:43. take a look here at this incredible scene in new jersey, talk about luck, home on democrat road in gibbstown gloucester county stand untouched but look at that, huge trees fell all around it. home was spared though. we spoke with the home owner who says he is very lucky these trees missed his house and little bit of the damage
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we have been seeing all across the area but katie says more storms today but justin credible to see. that damaging storms. >> nothing that strong. >> it should not or will not be anything close to what we saw. let's start with that. but this storm system we're moving in is more of a disturbance that will usher in just a pattern change in our region but it does come with potential for thunderstorms. we will sit on the edge of a severe weather threat which is primarily down across mid-atlantic. with that said, yeah, showers probably thunderstorms so we have to watch out for that. but in the meantime we are starting off on a really pleasant note. that sunnies about to come up in about 45 minutes or so. when it does we will bring you a pleasant sunrise view. we're looking at storm scan three and we're as quiet as can be. couple cloud here and there let's zoom out storm scan, if we can there we go, and we are tracking that disturbance. with this we can see heavy
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rain nasty thunderstorms right along illinois and missouri border at this point. look at these, they are building well. a lot of heavy rain and strong wind coming with that. this is first in the series that is heading our way in the days ahead and with that said, it is also going to be what brings in this wet cooler pattern change for us. so today starts with sun that first disturbance brings us shower and steady rain tonight and then we will see additional showers tomorrow. as we head into saturday, clicker issue breeze which rain for us as we look to saturday with this next system moving n second half of saturday right now looks to be the most soggy part of the day when heavier rain is set to move in and by sunday we have lingering showers that should try to clear with sometime. so with that said, break it down here sunshine giving way to cloud high of 85. drop to 67 tonight with a couple showers, a few thunderstorms and then looking forward in the eyewitness
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weather seven day forecast we are looking at mid 80's, lower 80's today and tomorrow and cooler by comparison. you don't have a shot of 90 degrees here with a couple days especially this rain looking cool, cloudy, dreary, damp and saturday afternoon and night looks like it will be somewhat soggy. guys, back over to you. okay katie thank you. in sports your philadelphia 76ers pick third in tonight's draft at barclay center in brooklyn. we will find out the next member of your rebuilding sixers. this starts now. one of the players gm sam hinkie pick up on draft night 2014 nerlens noel held his basketball cam in hatfield, montgomery county. nerlens was asked about draft night and how much of a lift the new players can provide in reaching, watch this, the goal boom. >> oh, man most nerve racking day you will ever see.
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you look down and you just want to be drafted with everything you go through. you just to have play your game work hard and things get better and better. >> well, flyers open up their season thursday, october 8th, a against eastern champion lightening in tampa. home opener is october 12th against the florida panthers. nhl commissioner gary bet man announced some changes for this season including challenges and overtime three on three instead of four on 46789 expansion front runners are le vast as, seattle and quebec. quebec had a team until 1995, nordiques. they will pay a 500 million-dollar expansion fee. union takes on seattle sounders in chester and the union gets a great crossing pass and then a goal from cj sapong in the 69th minute. that is only goal of the game and sapong's fourth straight game with the goal. union wins it one to nothing. they play montreal impact
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saturday night at ppl park. >> nice, well done. still ahead on "eyewitness news", philly is men for cheese steaks, pretzels, water ice but now we are getting major recognition for pizza. >> we will tell what you one magazine is calling the best pizza in the entire country. >> if only... >> let's quit talking about it. >> somebody can you hear me. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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clean up continues in the wake of the tuesday's damaging storms. this is video from washington township gloucester county. there are also thousands of power outages. corrections officer gene palmer will be arraigned on charges that he helped two murderers escape from a new york prison. palmer is a accused of giving frozen meat with david sweat
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and rich art matt but palmer insists he didn't know they had tools hidden inside. members of the philadelphia delegation to the vatican have met the mayor of rome, a surgeon who once work at thomas jefferson university hospital right here in philadelphia. the delegation will also talk about security ahead of the papal visit to philadelphia, this september. well forget new york and chicago, philadelphia is now home to the best pizza in america, bone appetite magazine name fishtown pizzeria pizza shop the best in the country. word spread quickly with pizza lovers lining up hoping for a taste of the best. that shop makes only 40 pizzas a day they sold out in less than an hour yesterday. those who did not get a taste said they will return for another check and get there early and claim your dough. >> claim your dough. >> yes they only have so much dough to use overnight. >> i can smell that. >> that looks good.
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>> 4:51. whole food has nickname the name whole paycheck because of the high prices and now the company is under investigation. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. jill, what is going on there good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. whole foods routinely over charging customers. department of the consume's affairs say stores overstated weight of prepackage food, things like meat, dairy a and baked good. a package of coconut shrimp was pack too high by more than $14. whole food denies the allegations. they say the the department has made excessive monetary demand to settle the issue. but this is not the last we are hearing about this. >> not what you want to hear about when you are shopping. >> hey jill, i hear within of the three auto makers is launching a car sharing program, what is that all about. >> reporter: ford is launching a car sharing pilot program. customers who finance through ford motor credit will be able
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to rent them out to pre-screen drivers for short term use for now this program is only available in the handfull of cities and it comes as sip car and uber made it easier for people to get around without owning cars, maybe i'll take one and head to philly for some of that piss sound delicious. >> come on down, pizza party let's do it. thanks jill. coming up after a short break we will check your forecast. >> we
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let's get traffic and weather together. good morning vittoria. >> good morning everyone. an interesting situation happening right now with the media elwyn line, literally my producer tim just told me that the media elwyn line is now resuming but prior to that we had gotten word 5:32 would be the first train to leave from elwyn to center city. right now as i double-check go with this and then by the next hit we should have a definite answer for you but at least we're making progress. katie, how are we doing weather-wise. >> we are looking a head to pleasant weather overall starting off with some sunshine and eventually a new
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disturbance does move in and we will show you very quickly here on storm scan three. you can see to the west bringing heavy rain, thunderstorms and as we go throughout the day this will only advance from west to east here. we do sit in generally a marginal risk for severe wet's cross the southern tear of our area heavy downpours gusty wind biggest issue here, maybe frequent lightening when these thunderstorms do rumble in erika back to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the overnight effort to restore power from the damaging storms. also the president confronted by a heckler at the white house. hear what he said when he was interrupted. >> we all want to get paid more at work. we will let you know best strategies when you go to your boss and ask for a raise. we will tell you what and what not to say in case you don't get that raise too. we're back at the top of the hour, good morning.
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many people are waking up in the dark for second straight day. we saw crews working around the clock trying to restore power. we will let you know progress they are make to go turn everyone's lights and electricity back on. while many people are still trying to clean up the mess from the storms, storm scan three right here, showing more rain is on deck for later today. katie is tracking those storms and lets you know which areas will get hit the hardest. the philadelphia dillgation is wrapping up its visit to the vatican. we will let you know what is on the agenda during today's very important heating. it is thursday, june 25th hi, i'm's ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. work continues to restore power to thousands still without it. "eyewitness news" in aston delaware county where crews
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are working around the clock to restore services. i want to give the latest power outage number. peco reporting 66,000 outages. a ac electric says more than 128,000 customers are still in the dark. and pse&g 14,000 outages and del marva says their willly 3500 customers are without power. as you can tell storm damage is widespread, "eyewitness news" found several road closures in south jersey due to down trees and power lines. many drivers found themselves taking unexpect detours. lets get latest on the storm damage and check things out with justin fin inch washington township, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, many nearby gas stationness this area are actually very busy helping customers without power, fuel up, and they have now been told that their way to go longer perhaps well in the weekend and, as you can imagine, they are in the looking forward to spending anymore days in the dark. lets get you now to video of the chaos in this area


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